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We are a family owned and operated chain of laundromats throughout the greater Chicagoland area, with 40 years in the industry! We pride ourselves on creating a clean, safe and comfortable atmosphere for you do to your laundry. Come experience the Smart Wash difference and enjoy FREE WiFi, extra large machines, snacks & soda, FREE Ozone Powerwash, our friendly staff and take advantage of cash, credit, debit and loyalty card payments. Check out our discounts and promotions below!

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We're looking for a Laundromat Attendant to join our team.

If you're interested please call 815-206-0727 or stop by the store.

Specials & Discounts

Military Discount

We are proud to honor our Veterans, Active Military and First Responders with at 15% off discount every day.

Prize Packages

Earn points for prizes when you do your laundry with us! Choose from prizes like Gift cards, Netflix Memberships, Tablets and more! See attendant for details.

Birthday Bonus

Get a $5 Birthday Bonus! Look out for a special message when you visit the store the week of your birthday.

Big Bill Bonus

Get rewarded for adding money to your loyalty card! When you add $20 you'll get a $1 bonus!
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Woodstock, Illinois Laundromat - Customer Service
Woodstock, Illinois Laundromat - Wash large items
Woodstock, Illinois Laundromat - Safe & Clean
Woodstock, Illinois Laundromat - Snacks & Soda
Woodstock, Illinois Laundromat - TV
Woodstock, Illinois Laundromat - Free WiFi

Leave Your Quarters Behind!

Cash & Credit Accepted
Smart Wash Laundry offers multiple ways to pay. Credit cards and cash are accepted to add value to your loyalty card.

Loyalty = Rewards
Keep the same laundry card for each visit and you will be eligible for various bonuses and loyal customer benefits!

Lost Card? No Problem!
As long as you register your full name, address, phone number and email on your card we will issue you a new card and transfer the balance from your lost card.

Loads of Machines!

Medium Washers = 1-3 loads
Large Washers = 4 loads
XL Washers = 8 loads
Dryers: Medium & Large

Drop Off Laundry Service

Leave your laundry to us!
$1.25 per lb for professionally laundered and packaged garments (10lb minimum).

Let us know if you have any special instructions for your garments, we'll prepare your laundry to your specifications.

Call us at 815-206-0727 or email [email protected]

FREE Ozone Power Wash

Ozone combines oxygen and electricity, which is dissolved into the washing water to oxidize and eliminate odors, bacteria, viruses, mold and other microorganisms. Available on all cold water cycles.

Totally Safe – No harsh chemicals
Softness – water treated with Ozone for improved wash performance
Faster drying – Ozone helps moisture in your clothes evaporate faster
Save Money – use less detergent and eliminate the need for stain removers and scent agents
Eco Friendly – no chemicals and reduced dry time is better for the environment
Eliminates ALL Odors!

Customer Reviews

  • Por que esta muy limplio

    Meri Márquez Avatar Meri Márquez

    I love how much cleaner my clothes are at Smart Wash and the attendants are always nice

    Tabitha Johnson Avatar Tabitha Johnson

    I've used a LOT of laundromats over the years and this one is my FAVORITE! Today there was a flood and Tina STILL had a smile on her face and handled it like a CHAMP 😊

    Karen Poe Avatar Karen Poe

    It is a fairly large, clean laundry, it has some game machines and machines for snacks and sodas. It has drop-off service, the bathroom is perfectly controlled because you have to use the same card that you use to wash, they sell everything you need for your wash but next door is a dollar store, very friendly service and Spanish is spoken. Moderate prices, definitely 5 stars

    Yolanda Rosales Avatar Yolanda Rosales
  • Clean, big and bright! Newer machines are very clean and nice. Uses a card system instead of change.

    Elena Phelan Avatar Elena Phelan

    Only place I'll do my laundry

    Carol Hall Avatar Carol Hall

    Clean and always someone there to helping a little higher priced but worth it truly

    Karen Millman Avatar Karen Millman

    Staff is friendly and helpful

    Kimbert Smith Avatar Kimbert Smith
  • Staff was so friendly and love the no querters thing. I don't know why thier is reviews of it being dirty. It is extremely clean and the woman was even cleaning every single cieling fan.

    Tanzie Bullard Avatar Tanzie Bullard

    The manager is awesome high level of customer service. Also the lady with red hair very hard worker. Some customers complain about her because she stops the children from running or anything that may cause them to become injured. This is not a play ground. This is a place of business control your kids here. I’m sure you can’t do it lit at home it shows in public.

    William Hines Avatar William Hines

    Very clean, nice employees

    Jim Pike Avatar Jim Pike

    Great laundry to go to. The people who work there are helpful. Various sizes of machines to match your load.

    Adam Lee Avatar Adam Lee
  • I rarely did laundry in my life and the friendliest, most helpful woman named PAT walked me through everything at the Woodstock location ...I would highly recommend this establishment.

    Pat Perrotta Avatar Pat Perrotta

    Always clean-

    Jake Collins Avatar Jake Collins

    It's very clean and alot of washing machines.

    Tammy Domanico Avatar Tammy Domanico

    It's a laundromat...not a restaurant, clean enough for me while my washer is broken, and all the ladies who work here are VERY friendly to me. Over the last few weeks, have never seen the same machine down for more than one, so nothing to complain about...other than I wish I could get a beer here too! 😉

    Adam Zanck Avatar Adam Zanck
  • This is wonderful! First time visiting this face. Had to bring king size comforter in. Tina was the attendant on duty today. No coins! She helped me get set up with a laundry card, showed me how the machines worked, and even watched my stuff while I ran next door to Dollar General for fragrance free detergent. Tina was pleasant and chatted as she cleaned the floors and washed laundry for various paying customers. Will definitely be back here if I need to use their large capacity washers and dryers again.

    S L Watkins Avatar S L Watkins

    I love the environment! Very friendly!!!

    LisaMarie Hines Avatar LisaMarie Hines

    No coins needed! Washers & dryers of various sizes available & they do the job pretty fast! Easy to operate. Place is also quite clean compared to others I've been to. Plenty of available parking. I wouldn't go anywhere else...

    Fun Goodies Avatar Fun Goodies

    Great service.

    Tarja Anchor Avatar Tarja Anchor
  • Tina was so helpful. And this place was very clean good atmosphere...

    Stacie Hacker Avatar Stacie Hacker

    Tom & Jerry was on, so immediate 5 star rating.

    Derek Schultz Avatar Derek Schultz

    Love this laundromat. Very very clean workers are always working cleaning and assisting others. Pat is great friendly helpful and works very hard they all do. It's the only laundromat I will go to now

    Debbie Minucciani Avatar Debbie Minucciani

    Friendly, polite, helpful staff. Very clean machines & folding areas. I know another reviewer said it was overpriced but that's not true. It's fairly priced. . Come to Chicago where I live and you'll realize how fair these prices are. When I visit my family I bring my comforters here. Also, they have drop off service if you're too lazy or pressed for time to do it yourself.

    Kelli S. Avatar Kelli S.

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